Fume disposable vapes are a popular choice among smokers, especially those looking to quit traditional cigarettes. They are lighter in weight and smaller than standard rigs, making them easier to carry around on the go.

They are also a great way to try out different flavors without having to commit to a full bottle of e-juice. Many of the latest models include a convenient USB-C charging port. This enables you to maximize the potential of your device before it needs to be thrown away.

Infinity Purple Rain

Fumevaping.com is one of the most popular disposable vape devices on the market. This is because it has the right blend of flavors and battery power to give you an experience that can be enjoyed for hours on end!

This flavor takes the fruity sweetness of mixed berries and combines it with a cool, icy kick to create an explosion of sweet delight. This is the perfect flavor for anyone who loves a good throat hit and wants to enjoy a fruity treat every time they take a puff from their disposable vape device.

This is a delicious blend of raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries that will have your taste buds swooning! The first inhale splashes a variety of fruits onto your tongue, and the exhale unleashes a stunning array of sweet and sour splendor that will have you wanting more.

Infinity Pina Colada

The Infinity Pina Colada by Fume is a delicious tropical fruit vape juice that brings a dream vacation to you every time you take a puff. It’s filled with tangy pineapple and creamy coconut with a hint of fresh ice to add some texture and balance.

The Fume Infinity disposable vape is a new and improved version of their ETRA and ULTRA models. It is a box-shaped device that will last you days and is packed with 12ml of incredibly tasty liquid!

It also features a 1500mAh built-in battery that can keep you vaping for long periods of time. It also has a unique box-like design never seen before!

Infinity is a powerful, durable e-cigarette that will last you more than twice as long as its predecessors. It is available in 16 different flavors and offers a variety of choices to suit your tastes!

Infinity Banana Ice

Banana Ice is a popular flavor that combines the delicious taste of ripe bananas with icy cool menthol. Its refreshing flavor will keep you captivated with every inhale and exhale!

The Infinity disposable vape device from Fume is a powerful and long-lasting disposable e-cig that comes pre-charged, ready to go, and infused with 12ml of flavorful e-liquid. It incorporates the features of the Fume ULTRA and EXTRA models but in a more compact design.

Designed to last you days with 3500 puffs, this is an impressive disposable vape that will give you amazing taste without sacrificing battery life. It is also an incredibly affordable option that will save you money on your daily vaping needs!

This scrumptious mix of fresh lemon zest and icy menthol is the perfect blend for anyone looking to kick their vaping up a notch. A burst of bright lemony tartness will send your taste buds into a frenzy, followed by a cool stream of fresh mint that mellows out the flavor with each inhale and exhale.

Infinity Grape

If you like grape flavored Hi-Chews, then you’ll love the Infinity Grape disposable vape pod. It’s a delicious blend of juicy grape and fresh fruit flavors that will leave you feeling satisfied after each hit.

Fume Infinity disposable vape pods are a great choice for people who are looking to try out a new device and enjoy a smooth, easy-to-use vaping experience. They come pre-filled, pre-charged, and ready for use in seconds.

Each Infinity disposable pod has a 1500mAh battery that can last up to 3500 puffs. Each pod contains 12ml of e-liquid, which is more than enough to get you started. And they’re also draw-activated, so you don’t have to worry about buttons.