The residents of Champlain Towers South came from all walks of life: wealthy penthouse owners who kept a beachside pied-a-terre, orthodox Jews just a block away from their temple, Cuban exiles. They were seduced by the promise of prosperity and enjoyment embodied in its gleaming skyscrapers.

Dream life Miami is an innovative concept that prioritizes personalization, companionship, and a holistic approach to caregiving. It is designed to enhance the quality of life for individuals receiving non-medical home care services.


Located just 30 minutes from downtown Miami, this artsy neighborhood is a must-see for its 40-foot murals, hand-sprayed by street artists from around the world. Visitors can also check out a gallery of QR codes that link to background info on the paintings and behind-the-scenes videos of walls being painted.

Dream life Miami prioritizes personalization and companionship in their non-medical home care services. This is especially important in a diverse community, where cultural differences can play a role in caring for clients. This approach to home care is a promising innovation in the industry and can greatly improve the quality of non-medical home care. It offers a more holistic and humane approach to caring for seniors and individuals with disabilities. Moreover, it provides a more enjoyable and meaningful experience for families.

Holistic Approach

The demand for non-medical home care services is growing, especially in a vibrant community like Miami-Dade. Families are seeking compassionate and professional assistance for their loved ones, allowing them to maintain independence in the comfort of their own homes. Dream Life Nursing offers a unique approach that prioritizes personalized care, social engagement, and emotional well-being.

Personalized Care Plans: Caregivers work closely with each client to develop customized care plans that align with their individual needs. This approach ensures a holistic and compassionate care experience.

Companionship and Emotional Support: Dream Life Nursing caregivers provide companionship through meaningful conversations and activities. This helps reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Family Involvement: Dream Life Nursing works collaboratively with families to keep them updated on their loved one’s progress. This partnership approach gives families peace of mind and confidence that their loved one is receiving the highest quality care possible.

Family Involvement

After graduating from high school in Sebring, Natanalie “Naty” Perez moved to Miami to pursue her dreams. But it wasn’t long before she got caught up in a violent sex trafficking ring that preyed on young women.

The book takes readers places tourists might not want to go: parks infamous for hiding dead girls’ bodies, locker rooms and apartment bathrooms where men prowl, always expecting to take what they can get from young women, whether that means cash or sexual favors. It deftly and seriously unpacks generations of trauma.

Dream Life Nursing prioritizes personalized care plans and companionship for their clients, which can help alleviate loneliness and feelings of isolation. This innovative approach is an important addition to the home care landscape, especially in a diverse community like Miami-Dade.

Peace of Mind

Founded in 2022, Dream life Miami offers holistic therapy and hydrotherapy for patients suffering from physical ailments. It also provides private bedrooms and bathrooms when requested at an additional cost. The facility is wheelchair accessible and has an in-house gym. The company also offers spiritual healing for those seeking to identify the cause of their addictions.

Located in Liberty City, a historically black neighborhood of Miami-Dade County, the center offers therapy, urgent care, and training for volunteers who can defuse conflict before it escalates into violence. Unlike the police, which only respond to incidents of gun violence by extracting information and attempting to restrain suspects, the Dream Defenders’ center aims to support residents with counseling and other services.

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